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Large Body Mandolin

Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

Topwood adirondack or englemann spruce back and sides , solid sapele, neck wood 5 peice sapele and maple  laminated, rosewood fretboard 13-7/8 scale lenght ( zero fret), 32 mm bone nut, quaility geard tuners, hand made brass tail peice. Hand oil finish. Neck reinforced with carbon fibre. Widest point on the body 11-3/4 wide.

This mandolin has great depth , warm and loud sounding , excellent for irish music. Accepts ball end strings.

New for 2018

Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

The new 2018 model has a new rounder shape to the bottom half. I offer the same tone woods as before; mahogany (sapele), figured maple, American black walnut and rosewood. I have discontinued black limba due to limited supplys.


Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

You can choose from a variety of tonewoods, i.e mahogany, flamed or quilted maple, rosewood and walnut.

Headstock Designs

Flat Curved,Up Swept,Artisan

I offer 3 different types of headstock designs, namely flat curved, up swept and the new artisan style. These are available across my range of mandolins and bouzoukis.

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