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celtic spirit mandolins

Celtic Spirit Range

New 2018 model

I introduced the Celtic Spirit mandolin family of instruments back in 2015 to fill a gap in a much needed market for a quality, afordable hand crafted mandolin. There is nothing cheap about these beautifully crafted instruments as they have all of the 'thrills but less trills' as the custom built models. Basically meaning they look less fancier, but have the same resonance sound as the more expensive models. For 2018 I have decided to re-design the Celtic Spirit mandolin, making the body larger and adding a rosette around the sound hole. I have also decided to discontinue the Celtic Spirit Octave Mandolin and replace it with a new Celtic Spirit Bouzouki.


celtic spirit-02.jpg

New for 2018

They just get better

I'm introducing a newly designed mandolin for the Celtic Spirit range which I've currently begun making. In response to great customer feedback I feel the majority of last year's orders tended to opt for the larger body mandolin. With this in mind I decided to make the Celtic Spirit mandolin bigger bodied with a rounder bottom end, larger sound hole with rosette as standard. The head stock will retain its original design and I will still offer a choice of top tonewood cedar or european spruce.

celtic spirit-05.jpg

Custom wood Celtic Spirit

American walnut back & sides

You can customise your choice of tone wood for all of my hand crafted instruments including the Celtic Spirit mandolin

celtic spirit-06.jpg

Sapele Standard

The sound of sapele is warm

My standard sapele/mahogany back & sides mandolins use high grade choice woods so choosing sapele build for your Celtic Spirit mandolin is a great recommendation. 

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