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10 String Mandolin

Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

10 string mandolin or commonally called cittern, tuned CGDAE. You have both mandola and mandolin in one instrument , german spruce top, select walnut back and sides, ( other timber available) 5 peice laminated neck  carbon fibre reinforced, mahogany and maple, ebony fret board ,37mm nut width, Gold geard tuners with bronze coloured buttons,  hand crafted brass tail peice.

New for 2018

Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

Topwood adirondack or englemann spruce back and sides , solid sapele, neck wood 5 peice sapele and maple  laminated, rosewood fretboard 13-7/8 scale lenght ( zero fret), 32 mm bone nut, quaility geard tuners, hand made brass tail peice. Hand oil finish. Neck reinforced with carbon fibre. Widest point on the body 11-3/4 wide.

This mandolin has great depth , warm and loud sounding , excellent for irish music. Accepts ball end strings.


Quilted Maple

beautiful grades

Select Tonewoods

Mahogany,Walnut,Maple & Rosewood

10 string cittren, European spruce top, mahogany back and sides, five piece mahogany neck with 2 maple stringers. 21 inch scale, 38 mm nut width to accomadate 5 courses of strings, ebony fret board.

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