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Artisan Mandolin

New 2018 model

Here we have the newly designed Artisan mandolin for the new 2018 range of instruments. I am always thinking up new concept designs and scribbling down rough sketches even as I build other instruments. This new model was born from such sketches and I set out to build it immediately. It is constructed from a choice of either flamed or quilted maple. As you can see from the photos both instruments look very beautiful in either tonewood. The sound is bright and sustaining with good cut and balance.



New for 2018

They just get better

more details about the Artisan Mandolin to follow....


Artisan Model

winning choice

more details about the Artisan Mandolin to follow....

How to order

You won't be disappointed

You can contact me directly from the contact page by adding some details to your inquiry. I tend to be very busy in the workshop but I check my emails daily and can reply to you as soon as I'm free.

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